How to train Teddy Congratulations to getting rich (bye)

Some dogs will stand up, and their hands are raised there. How to train

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  1. The teddy dog ​​cannot understand what people say, but it is very smart. It is very sensitive to the tone and gesture of people, so it is necessary to password and gesture in training, so that Teddy can be better trained.
    Themidi dogs could not control urination well three or four months ago. It will urinate anywhere when it is stimulated or interfered. It requires training. Put a pot in a certain place, put the old newspaper inside, and spread some sand or furnace ash on it. In a certain period of time (such as after feeding, after getting up in the morning, before going to bed at night), lead the teddy dog ​​to the place where there is a bowel. If the teddy dog ​​can urinate in the pot, the trainer celebrates Teddy dogs to caress or reward food. Sometimes the teddy dog ​​does not necessarily urinate within this time, and it doesn’t matter, let it go after a certain time before letting go. If you find that the teddy dog ​​is not urinating at the specified place, you should have a severe reprimand after the line is finished, so that the owner does not like it, and then take it to the specified place. After patient training and training, the Teddy dog ​​can gradually develop the habit of urination in a fixed place. Pay attention to the training during the training that the pots cannot move the place, and leave some sand soil after the last time, so that the teddy dog ​​can find a place where the urination is urinating through the smell. In addition, when the teddy dog ​​goes out, there is a habit of peeing on the side of the road. This is the nature of the teddy dog. It is different from the urination anywhere. health.
    Is who raised Teddy dogs should bring their necks and guide them when they take the dogs out. Let the dogs go to a special place to urinate, be a civilized person, and a civilized dog.
    1. Pressing in training is important to reward Teddy dogs. Following the Teddy dog’s body for a long time, the teddy dog ​​will think it is praising it.
    2. The food of the preference will be lifted above the teddy dog’s nose to attract the attention of pet dogs. This method is the most effective when the teddy dog ​​is hungry.
    3. Reward toys as an encouragement, showing Teddy dogs it likes toys. I will soon discover which toys it likes.
    Each Teddy dog ​​has their favorite snacks and toys. Usually to observe the behavior of the teddy dog ​​and understand the things it likes the most, you can use this special treatment at any time as a reward for its good performance. Reward foods play a role in most teddy dogs, but some Teddy dog ​​prefers toys. During the training Teddy dog, for the sake of convenience, you can put snacks and small toys into pockets or pockets.

  2. First, the puppy must be hungry first, because only food is his most unbearable temptation. Other means such as praise, applause, etc. are all teasing themselves.

    It, the puppy trained must put on the neck circle. During training, you can use food to seduce the puppy with one hand, holding the neck circle with one hand, so that the dog stands with hind legs.

    . Ordering is the term of the beast training, which means feeding. Once the puppy does a right action, it will give it to the capital to encourage it immediately.

    The fourth, fixed password. Can’t say “stand” for a while, and then say “don’t get up”. The dog’s interest is all eaten, and it has no energy to distinguish your changeable password.

    The fifth. When teaching the circle, people can use food to draw circles above the dog’s head. When teaching, people use their hands to hold the dog’s front paws, and teach it to make it

    . No matter what the dogs do, the owner should keep thinking about passwords.

    The point of note:

    1. The best age for training puppies is between half years old and one year old. After the age of one year, puppies have developed some problems and personalities, which will bring


    2. The best time to train puppies is noon or afternoon every day. At this time, it often appetizes. The training time is enough every day. When training, be careful not to feed too much food. Once

    The food in its belly, you should not listen to the training. Pay attention to rest during training.

    3. Although the understanding of different dogs is different, the dogs are like people, like people, and there is a stupid place. Although running dogs such as spots can be trained, they can stand and make

    揖 It is really difficult for it. On the contrary, although Jingba is “stupid”, it is suitable for practicing these actions. Generally, you can learn to stand for a day and two days. Smart dogs can learn to do it for a week.

    4. The owner must have the patience (this is practicing to make face for you!), can not pull the seedlings to promote, not rush to achieve success, to coax while “benefit” seduction. But when you encounter a puppy, you are lazy

    , you must not be on it. You must start with his face, beat its ass, and knock on its head.

    5. Once the puppy learns these actions, it will never forget. Because it knows that this action is delicious!

  3. Every time you train, put the dogs that the dogs like to eat on the head of the dog, and keep raising it constantly. The instructions in their mouths are “worshiped”. The dog will stand up naturally and raise two forelimbs. This posture is the posture of “worship”. After repeated several times, reward the dog to eat good things; after a while, if you do not reward, you just touch it. Once the condition reflex is formed, the dog will stand up as long as the dog hears the “worship” password.

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