4 thoughts on “The relationship between banks and real estate?”

  1. Real estate is a huge investment in funds. In addition to becoming a scale developer, many of them are also a few shareholders’ self -funded funds, so it is inevitable to loans from banks. This loan has many methods in today’s society. Prices or absorb private capital, or absorb the funds of some government -enterprise organs in the name of fund -raising houses, and return to the relocated houses. It can also save land acquisition costs and other construction costs. This must have some unconventional practices. Overall, the real estate industry of Da Na still has to loan from banks. Now the bank’s interest rate hike means that the interest on loans is getting higher and higher, and it is also a means to suppress real estate blindly investing. Personal experience, I hope to be praised by myself.

  2. Whether it is a developer or other merchants, the flow of capital is one of the guarantees of business. When developers built a house, the cost is not cash in the company, but a loan from the bank. Once the property price fell and the profit was lower than the repayment amount, the part of the bank’s loan developer was likely to not be on. This is easy to cause bad debts from banks. As for whether house prices will be lower than costs, this is sure. When the market is not good, some developers take the house lower than the cost, and the purpose is to ensure that the capital chain is constantly.

  3. Guarantee and credit side.
    Sugs in real estate agents and banks. When the buyer’s funds are insufficient to choose a loan, real estate developers play a guarantee role in the middle. Pay it to the bank a certain deposit, and the bank chose to loan money to the buyer. Buyers’ mortgage repayment to banks.
    I is doing real estate.

    The hope to help you.

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