Copy machine repair

What is the future. Listening to others will be very angry! Who is doing this!
really no future? Crying. Essence Essence

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  1. To tell you the truth, it is certain to get angry, especially if you want to do it for others. If you become a boss, you will not be so angry. The copy machine of our agency is easy to replace. The influence, the boss personally came to repair, and the leader was very polite. If his apprentice came, he might be angry. As a person in the text and seal room of the agency, I have the most right to speak. To put it plainly, the key to being unwavering is on yourself: When repairing other people’s printers, you must have skilled technology, what is broken, what is going to be bad right, how much money can be repaired, how long can it be used for a long time, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once, once. Speaking of them, depending on whether the leader is changed or repaired. If you repair it again and again, you may be angry, and the leader thinks you are cheating money. If the machine purchased from you, you guarantee that the subsequent ink powder, accessories, and paper are provided. It is absolutely unwilling to tell you that if you do business, print a copy, the price can be higher than many selling units, but the higher part is not you Just understand it. Everything will be angry, and the same is true of the leadership. It depends on whether you will operate. This is very important. I think that as long as you have money, you are inevitable. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. There is no future, you advise you to choose another industry. There is no good repairs in the copy machine. The current digital machines are broken and the accessories are changed directly. The barriers on the technology are not as difficult as before.

    The Qi is not only available in this line, the service industry is the same, some customers are very good, and some customers are sour.
    has no way you want to earn customers’ banknotes. It is normal to accompany the smiley face. As long as you remember: the customer is God when repairing the machine, whoever leaves the door, who is in charge of you, everyone is ordinary people who are ordinary people. Essence

    It to find out what the customer thinks is to be unwilling, it is the same as being a person to do business.

    The our company does a copy, printer repair and lease

  3. It should be okay, our company’s copy machine is broken, come to a master and be polite to him. But the master is very professional and responsible

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